Edmonton Raw Pet Food

Proudly serving North Edmonton, West Edmonton,

St. Albert and Beaumont

Distributor for: 

Courtlyn Custom since 2016

J-Conn Quail since 2020

Smart Earth Camelina since 2021

Healthier pets start wit​h natural raw food

Feeding fresh food is healthier for your pet and can​ be more affordable for you!

If you have tried raw and are looking for affordable options, you found the right place!

Buying premade raw food is the easiest way to have balanced meals. Meat, bone, organ in single proteins or Courtlyn has Custom Blends with multiple proteins. 

With Edmonton Raw you can customize your pet's diet. Do you want to add your own fruits and vegetables? 

Or buy a mix that has fruit and veggies?

Do you need single protein options for your sensitive pet? 

Are you feeding multiple pets and looking for bulk options?  

You found the right place for diet flexibility and choice. 

Have a look at the price list and our selection.

Price List​​

Our Products

Made in Alberta

Affordable raw food

We are a raw food Distributor, which is very different from a pet store.  Our agenda is to sell quality products and save you money.

How does it work? Courtlyn Custom pet food is made to order, so we take orders 2 weeks in advance.  Orders are on a schedule, so you can plan well into the future.  

Plan your pet's di​et in advance, email your order in and pre-pay by e-transfer or credit card. Then pick up your order on Wednesday  when it arrives from Courtlyn. 

We have 3 pick up locations in Edmonton (Beacon Heights, Westmount and West Edmonton) as well as one in Beaumont  and one in St. Albert.

We also have a small amount of food in stock, email us if you need food in between regular orders. Pick up of stock on hand is by appointment.

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